Plot 1181, Aguiyi Ironsi Street

Maitama, Abuja


                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Date : 25th April, 2017

The Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) is seeking Quotations for the supply of Stationery, Office supplies and Computer Consumables as indicated in the attached Schedules:

Lot 1 - Supply of Computer Consumables

Lot 2 - Supply of Stationery and Office supplies

2. Interested vendors are required to provide Quotations and respond not later than Tuesday, 2nd May, 2017 at 12:00 noon. Submissions should be made in a sealed envelope clearly indicating the Lot of interest and submitted to the address indicated below;

           Head Procurement,

           Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission

           Plot 1181, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama,

           Garki, Abuja


Prospective bidders are required to submit the following documents:

  1. Certificate of Company Registration/Incorporation from Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC);

ii. Tax Clearance Certificate for 2016 issued by the appropriate authority and with Tax Identification number (last 3 years);

iii. Verifiable Certificate of Compliance with the provisions of the Pension Reform Act, 2014;

iv. Verifiable evidence of registration with the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) on the National database of Contractors, Consultant and Service Providers;

v. Verifiable evidence of compliance with the provisions of the Industrial Training Fund Act (ITF);

vi. Accompanying sworn Affidavits of disclosure of interest, clearly stating if any of the officer of Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) or the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) is a former or present Director of the Company and that the Company does not have any Director who has been convicted in any court for any criminal offence relating to fraud or financial misappropriation;

vii. A sworn affidavit affirming that the company is not in receivership or financial/legally encumbered; and

viii. Indicate the most favorable warranty to be provided for the items.

4. The Quotation shall clearly indicate the unit price of each item and the total price. It shall also include a commitment to deliver the goods to the NIPC Head Office at Plot 1181 Aguiyi Ironsi Street Maitama Abuja within two days from the date of contract signing.

5. Clarifications can be sought before 12 noon on 2nd May, 2017 at the office of the Deputy Director, Administration and Head Procurement, Room 116 Block A Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission, Plot 1181 Aguiyi Ironsi Street Maitama, Abuja.


Nothing in this advertisement shall be construed to be a commitment on the part of Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission to undertake the projects or entitle any vendor to make any claim(s) incurred in preparing the bid documents.


Deputy Director Administration

(Head of Procurement)

For: Executive Secretary

S/No    Items                                            Quantity                Price
1.            Inkjet 55A                                  8No.    
2.            Inkjet 05A                                  10No.    
3.            Inkjet 08A                                  4No.    
4.            Inkjet 655 black & Color            2Set.    
5.            Inkjet 74/75                               2Set.    
6.            Inkjet 42A                                  4No.    
7.            Inkjet 78A                                 3No.    
8.            Inkjet 64A                                 2No.    
9.            Inkjet 60 Black & color             2Set    
10.          Inkjet 36A                                2No.    
11.          Inkjet 38A                                2No.    
12.          Inkjet 94/95                             4No.    
13.          Inkjet 130/134                         4No.    
14.          Inkjet 650 Black/Color             2Set.    
15.          Inkjet 130/135                         2No.    
16.          Inkjet 53A                               3No.    
17.          Inkjet 83A                               3No.    
18.          Inkjet 932                               4Sets    
19.          MX 236Ft                               10Packets    
20.          AR 235 Ft                              10Packets    
21.          MX 271Ft                               5 Packets    
22.          Developer   MX 236Ft           10 packets    
23.          Developer   MX 271Ft           10 packets    
24.          Developer   AR 235 Ft          10 packets    
25.          Inkjet 901 Black and Color    2sets    
26          Inkjet 85A                               3Nos.    

S/No.    Items                                       Quantity               Price
1.            A4 Papers                             50 cartons    
2.            Extension Cables                  50 Pcs    
3.            Flash Pen                              50 Pcs    
4.            Arc lever Files                       50 Pcs    
5.            Calculator                              20 Pcs    
6.            Correcting Fluid                     50 Packets    
7.            Hand Punch                           30 pcs    
8.            File Tag                                  50 Packets    
9.            Big square Clip                      10 pcs    
10.          Maker                                     20 packets    
11.          Pencil                                     10 Packets    
12.          Eraser                                    10 packets    
13.          Giant Stapler                          20 Pcs    
14.          Small Hand Punch                 20 Pcs    
15.          Stapler Small                         50PCs    
16.          Dictionary                              10 Pcs    
17.          Biros (Blue Black and Red)   10 Pcks each    
18.          Calculator                              10 Pcs    
19          Liquid Gum                             10Pcs    
20          Correcting fluid                       10 Pcs    
21.          Stapler Pins Small and Giant 10 Pckts each   


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