1. Pioneer Status Incentive
  2. Low income tax of between 20% and 30%;
  3. Deferred royalty payments depending on the magnitude of the investment and the strategic nature of the project;
  4. The holder of a mining lease shall, where qualified, be entitled to depreciation or capital allowance of 75% of the certified true capital expenditure incurred in the year of investment and 50% in subsequent years
  5. It is intended that the Private Sector should control a substantial share of the metals industry, while bearing in mind the strategic nature of the Iron and Steel and the Aluminium sub-sectors of the industry where government needs a certain measure of participation.
  6. Investment allowance of 5%
  7. In addition to rollover relief under the capital gains tax (CGT), companies replacing their plants and machinery are to enjoy a once and for all 95% capital allowance in the first year with 5% retention value until the assets is disposed, 15% will be granted for replacement of an asset.
  8. Exemption from payment of customs & import duties in respect of plant, machinery equipment and accessories imported exclusively for mining operations;
  9. Fiscal measures on taxation and interest rates
  10. Effective protection with import tariff;


  1. Reconnaissance Permit  
  2. Exploration License
  3. Small-scale Mining Lease
  4. Mining Lease
  5. Quarry Lease
  6. Mineral Title (which can be transferred, renewed and revoked)

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