1.     The principal legislation regulating mining activities in Nigeria is the Nigerian Minerals and Mining Act, 2007. With this legislation the security of tenure of mining titles and greater transparency in licensing procedures is guaranteed to conform to international best practices.
  2.     The Act contains specific provisions that will enhance private sector leadership in the development of the mining industry in the country.
  3.     The Act is vested in the Federal Government of Nigeria as custodian of mineral resources on behalf of the citizens of the country.
  4.     Commerce44 is a policy initiative to actively promote the exports of the following eleven solid mineral; Tantalite, Coal, Gold, Silver, Limentite-Rutile, Cassiterite, Bitumen, Lead-Zinc, Iron-Ore, Wolframite and Manganese.
  5.     Mining Cadastre Office created to administer mining tiles with intergrity and Transparency on a ‘first come first served’ basis
  6.     In Nigeria, in line with the global practice , there is a general trend to limit the involvement of government in the management of business. As a result of this, the Government's new role is now being limited to that of a facilitator/regulator and a provider of the necessary enabling environment for economic growth.
  7.     Evolvement of an efficient, responsive and effective sector specific policy  framework;
  8.     Promote the development, application and collaborative sharing of science, technology and research findings.
  9.     The policy stipulates that the nation shall achieve a substantial increase in the per capital consumption of the major commercial metals and alloys;
  10.     Liberal & Transparent Access to Mining Titles: Access to mineral rights would be transparent, flexible and with mobility of mineral rights  that will be free from interference of government officials
  11.     Guaranteed Security of Tenure of Mining Titles: Ensures transparency in the granting of mining titles and permits and promote mineral development by applying the "use-it or lose it" principle;
  12.     Ensuring compliance with environmental best practices: health and safety of the miners and the host communities shall be of paramount consideration in the progressive development of the sector
  13.     Strengthening Geological Data Generation: ensure the effective organization and accessibility of public information about the mining & steel sector
  14.     Institutional and Human Capacity building: Government will seek to create an environment conducive to economic growth and development, in which the sector can make effective use of its human and capital resources

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