Nigeria Will Always Come Out Stronger from Challenges – Danish Envoy

By October 28, 2016 Investment News

The Danish Ambassador in Nigeria, Torben Getermann, has said Nigeria has a history of always coming out stronger after every difficult challenge.

Getermann, however, challenged Nigeria to exploit its abundant renewable energy sources to boost its development saying some Danish companies are already showing investment interest in the sector.

He told the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja that he was optimistic that the country would also come out of the current economic recession stronger.

Getermann said: “One thing I can say, having looked at Nigeria for decades, is that Nigeria is always coming back and is always coming back stronger.

“So I firmly believe that yes, we see a lull now in the economy but within a period, it will be over; I can’t say it is six months, a year or two years.

“However, I definitely hope that it will be within the time span that I will be here in Nigeria and will see a change, we can hope for the better.

“I will see a change for the better, we could see the economy moving forward, it is going to come, it is going to happen.”

The Danish ambassador explained that the optimism of Denmark about Nigeria necessitated the interest some Danish companies are showing to invest in Nigeria.

He said: “They (investors) believe in Nigeria, it is simply a big economy, and too big a country not to be here.

“You are so fortunate in this country; you have so many more solar hours than we have in Denmark, at least three times the number we have in Denmark.

“This makes it so ideal for solar power. It is clean, it’s not noisy and it is always there. This is a fantastic opportunity.”

The Danish envoy who has been in Nigeria for over five years, said a number of Danish companies had excelled and produced enough solar power to run houses and industries despite that Denmark had few solar hours.

He also advised Nigeria to exploit its bio mass potential to produce gas for electricity and produce fertilizer.

Gettermann said some Danish companies were already investing in renewable energy projects in some parts of the country.

He further said: “There are the first contacts in terms of renewable plant in Kwara; financing this plant is not yet finalised but the project is there and it has very good prospect. Discussions are ongoing in other sectors. Well they have had the initial contact; so we are sure it is moving.”

He, however, noted that the current economic situation in Nigeria, has made it a bit complicated to get the funding for the project.

According to him, the investors also have difficulties in the payment of the expatriates, which has to be paid in foreign currency.

Getterman noted: “We are hopeful that at some point in time, in not too distant future, things will pick up again and it will be possible to get this project on track.”

Source: <Today NG>