Lumos Unveils Solar Energy System for SMEs

By February 16, 2018 Investment News

Lumos Nigeria said its innovative mobile solar energy device is best suited to provide electricity to meet the basic energy needs of Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) in Nigeria, where epileptic power supply has been the bane of small business development.

Olufemi Ashipa, Vice President, Marketing, Lumos Nigeria, said during the SME Fair recently held in Lagos that the Lumos Solar Power device is a product required by all as it can reliably power the basic things in the home, office, kiosk, small supermarket, poultry farm, clinic, etc. Electricity He stated: “The basic SME is disturbed by two major things, lack of funding and lack of electricity.

Among other things, we are offering a lasting solution to the problem of electricity to the Nigerian SMEs with our product. And what we are providing is a solution to that problem; our special offer is that if you subscribe to our system, you get two months on your payment for free. It is a very affordable service, the base fee is N26,000 and N4,500 subscription per month, rather than paying N300,000 or more in a single transaction.

We have made it easier for people to be able to afford it through monthly subscription for the next five years.” Ashipa said that after the full payment has been completed, the device then belongs to the user. He added that Lumos system has 100 percent warranty for 5years, as long as the device is not misused, adding that customer care is accessible at any time.

“A close study with a group of SMEs using Lumos solar system, shows that 72 per cent had their turnover increased 100 percent, another 50 percent said they have made more savings on energy.

The beauty of this device is that it doesn’t give low current or fluctuation, it gives you clean and steady energy, at the exact same rate and no appliance gets burnt.

You can use airtime to keep the device working as long as you are using MTN network by using your airtime to subscribe. The duration of the solar is relative to how it is used and what is used for,” Ashipa asserted.

Source: Vanguard