Nigeria Inaugurates AgCelerant to Connect Smallholder Farmers

By September 6, 2019 Investment News

Nigeria is leading agriculture into the post-digital era with the inauguration of Africa’s first National agCelerant Technical Committee.

The inauguration, which took place in Abuja, is the first official endorsement at a country level, of the transformative potential of phygital agriculture.

agCelerant is an advanced value chain orchestration and business development ecosystem connecting smallholders with credit, insurance, input and output markets.

Manobi Africa PLC, a pioneer in innovative risk control and value chain orchestration, created this approach which combines physically based and digitally driven solutions to secure, in contractual smallholder agriculture, the global sustainability, transparency and honourable sourcing of tomorrow’s food stock.

Daniel Annerose, CEO, Manobi Africa PLC, explained that the approach allowed all value chain stakeholders with agricultural investment risk mapping to reduce lenders cash-out and increase availability of credit to smallholders.

The approach, he said, also ensures more robust, affordable insurance contracts to reduce persistent climate risk in intensifying crop-livestock systems and improve management of crop nutrient deficiencies to increase fertilizer use efficiency and agricultural productivity.

Mrs. Karima Babangida, Director, Agricultural Extension exposed in no uncertain terms the unsustainability of runaway food imports and unstructured national value chains, against the expected doubling of Nigeria’s population by 2050.

She highlighted “FMARD’s favourable disposition towards the deployment of agCelerant as part of investments in Nigerian agriculture such as the Kano State Agro-pastoral Development Project (KSADP).

Source: Dailytrust